0 Fidelity Lab Division Tracks Technology and Patents, not Mutual Funds

What happens within our downtown office buildings?  Innovation, and not just by technology companies.  Fidelity Investments is constantly providing new technology features to its customer base to allow faster, easier access to information.

The Boston Globe recently published an editorial on a division at Fidelity that examines patents and technology, rather than mutual funds or stocks.

“Fidelity’s Center for Applied Technology, home to a team of 75 employees globally who work on high-tech projects for the investment and brokerage giant. While most people at the Boston firm are devoted to managing money and selling retirement plans, this group is responsible for innovation, including technology that helps customers do business with Fidelity and get information about their investments…This department of Fidelity Investments celebrates new patents, instead of mutual fund records. Its giant wall screens display new technology for investors, not the daily movements of the stock market.”

Fidelity Investments Center for Applied Technology

Credit: Boston Globe

The complete editorial is available to Globe subscribers on BostonGlobe.com.

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