0 Collaborative Office Space Trending in Cambridge

Bring the walls down and let’s see and hear each other.  That is the new norm is office space, gone are the vast array of private offices.  Today’s office layout is vastly different than just 10 years ago; today’s employees can expect to work in a benching platform, sitting very close to their coworkers.  Their work station would have very little is any actual storage space and in some case may not even have land line if the role of that person is non customer related.  The big delta is common space, this looks more like a large family room.

Cambridge collaborative office space

Credit: Boston.com

In an interview with Boston.com, Swedish architect, Gert Wingårdh, said “his [newest] design is aimed at improving company communications, a problem many businesses identify with. ‘Usually our surveys tell us that communications is lacking all over the world,’ said Wingårdh. ‘When employees have the same space to share, it enhances their sense of one another.’ With no walls between workstations, Wingårdh says employees will become aware of each other. At EF, even the CEO works in an open workstation.”

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