0 Boston Companies Face Shortage of Developer, Engineering Talent

office building in technology square in Boston

300 Technology Square, Cambridge

Are you looking to hire web developers are part of your growth into new office space?  If yes prepare for some competition.  Employers are thinking beyond just salary when it comes to new hires some items that hit the list are:

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Being centrally located Downtown with easy access to commuter rail is top priority
  • Catered food services for all meals
  • Concierge for daily tasks such as meeting the Cable Guy at home.
  • Cool, fun and innovative office environment
  • Health Wellness program – Health club membership

According to the BBJ, “Companies are increasingly trying to make it more attractive for these Web experts to stay at firms. “When these guys are on the market there’s so much demand for them that they’re getting snapped up within a day or two.”

What are you offering and how does it stack up?

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