0 Boston Cityscape: Blend of Historic and Modern

Boston public garden

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Boston in the eyes of our kids is much different than our own. I had the benefit of a field trip with my first grader, and he has fallen in love with the swan boats in the public garden. Cranes, cranes and more cranes. “Dad what are they building over there?” This seemed like a constant question now, but when we look back 5 years, who knows what will have already been transformed.

Craig Douglas of the BBJ aptly articulates the blend of modern and historic elements that’s germane to Boston:

“What is most amazing about Boston is the fact that it is all so new. Cranes and work crews are everywhere, as are restaurants and hipster worker bees. New glass. New granite. Green space galore. Clean causeways and spit-shined store shingles, all this in a near 400-year-old city.”

The full article is up on the Boston Business Journal’s website: Boston – something to behold

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