0 Biotech Real Estate Soaring in Kendall Square

The global hot spot for Bio Pharma space is Kendall Square in East Cambridge with 130 life sciences companies in 2.5 square miles.

Boston biotech real estate

Credit: CNBC

From CNBC:

“Of the top 20 pharmas I think probably somewhere between 50 and 75 percent have a presence in and around Cambridge,” said Joel Marcus, CEO of Alexandria Real Estate, the landlord with the biggest market share in the area.

“As tight as the lab market is in Kendall Square, the office market is even more tight, in part because Microsoft and Google are expanding their operations,” MassBio’s Abair said. At the same time though, he noted the proximity of tech and life sciences companies enable cross-industry collaboration.

Follow the link to view a related video on CNBC.

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