0 A Cleaner Boston

Group of people pick up trash to clean up the city, Boston's streets

(Credit: The Boston Globe)

What are you doing to keep our city clean?  Perhaps like me you don’t live in the city but work here.  I am proud of the hard work of like-minded citizens to keep our city clean compared to what it was in years past with trash blowing in the streets and graffiti strewn across buildings, block after block. Keeping our city clean is a mindset and a commitment that I support.

A Boston Globe ‘letter’, in response to Jacoby’s “Don’t Trash my City,” reflects on the general cleanliness of the City:

“There is one neighborhood which is remarkably cleaner than ever: downtown Boston. From the edge of Government Center and the Financial District, past Downtown Crossing and the Theatre District, where I live, the area has undergone an amazing transformation. I know that this is thanks to the dozens of hard-working hospitality ambassadors employed by the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, a privately funded nonprofit on whose advisory council I serve.”

Follow the link to read ‘Don’t Trash my City” on BostonGlobe.com

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